Wage Gap Increase and Black Women Voter Turnout: Examining the Numbers

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Research demonstrates that Black women are the strongest supporters of black female candidates. However, despite strong electoral support for candidates, few gains have been made in electoral success, as compared to other minority groups. What is missing in the literature is how this support impacts the wage gap. Relying on existing data, this study provides the missing piece of information in relation to the increase of the wage gap. Black women voters will continue to turn out in high numbers to support candidates regardless of their race and gender. The exploration of this issue will illustrate the power of the Black women vote to candidates who hope to represent them by acknowledging their value as voters and addressing their desire to diminish the wage gap. Statistical evidence that high Black women turnout rate can, in relation to the increase of the wage gap, close the wage gap. The data gathered indicates wage inequality was a motivating factor for Black women to mobilize and vote in high numbers in both the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections.

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