A Secondary Analysis of Attitudes of African American College Women's Perceptions towards Mental & Physical Health Professionals

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Several mental health morbidities and physical mortalities disproportionately affect African-American women. Mistrust and negative perception towards the value of health professionals may play a role. This study examines the environmental, cultural, and societal factors that influence African-American college women’s attitudes toward mental and physical health professionals. This study employes a secondary qualitative analysis and three focus group.  It is predicted that participants with lower socioeconomic status, or a history of maltreatment by physicians are more likely to hold negative attitudes towards health professionals. Since individuals with negative attitudes towards health professionals are less likely to seek preventative health services, they are more likely to suffer from health problems. This reinforces existing  literature that encourages maintenance of trusting patient relationships by health personnel. Improved training of health professionals that focuses on  cultural awareness and understanding will  increase health service participation among African Americans, thus decreasing morbidity in this community.

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