The Role of Inspiration and Identity in Literature is Original Prose: Examining the work of Jorge Luis Borges, Jorge J. E. Gracia, Roland Barthes, and Pablo Brescia

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This project is inspired by a poem by the Argentine author Jorge Luis Borges. His work, “Borges y Yo” was written in prose and focuses on the conflict of identity between Borges the individual and Borges the author. Critics such as Roland Barthes, who wrote “The Death of an Author”, believe that due to the inevitable influence of other texts and authors, it is impossible to create original work. The author is considered a performer of works rather than a creator. Although I agree with many of Barthes' ideas, I believe that original works can be created. Literature is art. An author should not only be a performer of a work, but in order to reach the opinions and emotions of other readers, the author must insert him or herself into the work and organize inspiration into literature that is relatable to readers. To explore this idea, I will highlight the works of Jorge Luis Borges, Jorge J. E. Gracia, Roland Barthes, and Pablo Brescia. Their prose and poetry will be used to illustrate how inspiration can create multiplicity in relation to the identity of the author.

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