Coherent Multidimensional Spectroscopy: Data Analysis of Nonparametric Processes

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Spectroscopy is used to investigate how matter, such as atoms and molecules, interacts with light. Spectroscopy is also one of the most effective ways to study the behavior and structure of molecules. Conventional spectroscopy is able to gather information for most simple molecules. However, some molecules are difficult to analyze using conventional spectroscopy because the spectra can become congested. Coherent-multidimensional spectroscopy is able to reduce spectral congestion and produce information that could not be obtained using conventional 1-dimensional spectroscopy. While reducing spectral congestion, multidimensional spectroscopy is able to produce discernable patterns specific to the four-wave mixing process. We have developed multidimensional spectroscopic techniques to study various molecules and broaden understanding of multidimensional methods. Previous research has been conducted with the use of parametric four-wave mixing processes to study gas phase molecules. Current work is focused on the analysis of nonparametric four-wave mixing processes and the discernable patterns they create. Analysis of data obtained from nonparametric processes will give information about molecules while also allowing for the comparison of patterns and obtained information between parametric and nonparametric processes. This nonparametric approach provides new ways to create and interpret multidimensional spectra of gas phase molecules.

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