Discovering the Morphological Structure of Unknown Amoeba Using Light Microscopy and Immunocytochemistry Techniques

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There is much misunderstanding about the evolutionary narrative of Amoebozoa. The phylogeny of amoeba has been understudied due to their complex life cycle.  Amoebozoa often switch from an active stage of amoeba in the trophozoite form to an inactive cyst stage. The amoeba examined in this study is an unknown freshwater amoeba designated the name of UK-TY-4. This amoeba was studied in order to distinctly interpret its morphological structure as well its natural behavior in order to contribute to the progression of the ever-changing Amoebozoa tree of life. While being in the flat irregular shaped stage, amoeba were observed alternating between this observed flat morphology to a more slender and tubular morphology. Immunocytochemistry results were congruent with light microscopy findings, allowing us to surmise that this amoeba belongs to the class Tubulinea as this class has been equally observed alternating between compact and tubular form.

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