Understanding Structural, Electric, and Magnetic Properties of Fe Intercalated Graphene System Using Mӧssbauer Spectroscopy

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The unique nature of graphene and its versatility in technological applications has prompted research on the once enigmatic and theoretical material. With a nearly zero band gap, graphene offers conductive properties that surpass most, if not all, other semi-conductors/superconductors. Understanding the subatomic structure of the material will allow for further development in areas of research, technology, and medicine. X-ray diffraction and Mössbauer spectroscopy are utilized effectively in this study to probe and characterize Fe-incorporated graphene material. A 57-Co radioactive source is electronically accelerated to produce Doppler energy shifts to compensate recoil energy loss, allowing the absorption of the emitted rays by the sample. The absorption data displays the strength of interactions within the environment of the sample providing useful information about its magnetic properties. Sample preparation methods, theory of the techniques, and data analysis will be discussed.

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