Chinese Courtesans of the Qing Dynasty

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This project examines the ancient Chinese courtesans of the Qing Dynasty. Courtesans are women who are professionally trained in the arts of music, dance, poetry, painting, etc. Chinese courtesans were highly respected entertainers of their time. The highly esteemed women usually entertained men of high status, often becoming their mistresses or concubines. My research questions are as follows: What effect did being a Chinese Courtesan have on the social and economic status of the women’s families? How did the esteemed courtesan turn into the modern day prostitute? I will also  explore the stories of well-known courtesans. From this research, I have concluded that Chinese Courtesans are an interesting yet overlooked part of Chinese history. These women have impacted Chinese culture through their social and marital status. The ancient practice that was once esteemed, has now been degraded to modern day prostitution.

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